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Mandy 2018
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In northwest Tihomory in 1983, Red Miller and Mandi Blum strangers maintained a friendly and peaceful existence. When it destroys a paradise with the scent of the bone cult, led by the sadistic sand Jeremiah Red, it removes the fantasy-magic journey filled with the bloody rampage included in the deadlyfire.

Mandi was founded in 1983 in the original wilderness, where Red Miller, a broken and persecuted man, wanted untouched religious sects that the love of love had killed her life.


Panos Cosmatos Vriters:

Panos Cosmatos, Aron Stevart-An | Coming in 1983, Red is a houthakkie living in a quiet placecottages in the forest. His friend Manda spent days reading the fantasy of the paper. Then one day, eyes getting crazy leader of the cult who caused a group of demon motorcycles managed to ontvoer.Rooi it armed with beauty and adapted ake, do not stop for nothing to come back, leaving bloody, a brutal crowd of bodies in themselves.

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He trusted gebiedwomen gangs in Instead of visiting a cruel murder, Helen accepts the arrogant fact that Candimanzista can not beto appear, denying a series of terrible, tragic killings. But the police do not believe in monsters, and Hellen is charged with notorious crimes. Only one person can let it go: CANDIMAN.


Mandy 2018

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